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Collaborating with an Academic Research Organization (ARO) is a smart alternative for pharmaceutical companies and CROs to doing clinical trails in-house. As a sponsor you are looking for a sufficiently large study population composed of the right patients, as well as a well-oiled machine with qualified staff able to conduct all study related protocols.

SINAPS is the partner you are looking for! SINAPS is located in one of the largest psychiatric hospitals in Belgium, and has immediate access to a large neuropsychiatric patient population. This enables us to recruit large study populations of various psychiatric and neurological disorders. As a result, SINAPS developed a solid expertise in psychiatric patient contact and a strong field-related expertise in neuropsychiatry.   

These solid expertises differentiate SINAPS from CROs often located outside of the study population focusing on different therapeutic areas.  

SINAPS ARO, the smart alternative!

Go beyond the basics of clinical trial conduct 


Combining scientific and clinical expertise, extensive clinical and academic networks, unbounded enthousiasm and renowned integrity, we at SINAPS guarantee a thriving collaboration heaving your professional objectives to the next level!  

Contact us:


Prof. Dr. M. Morrens 

Scientific Research Manager

Tel: +32 (0)15/30.40.42




Dr. V. Coppens

Head of Scientific Research

Tel: +32 (0)15/30.39.88



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